Vampire Survivors 1.0 Patch Notes: New Stages and Modes

Vampire Survivors, the hit indie game where you play as bullet hell, recently received a major fix 1.0 which adds a new stage, new modes, and Twitch integration.

If you have already unlocked all the relics of version 0.11, you will automatically get the Achievement The Eudaimonia Machine and the new stage.

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Les deux nouveaux modes sont Inverse et Endless. Inverse renverse la disposition des étapes, donne un bonus de santé et de vitesse aux ennemis, mais vous donne également de l’or supplémentaire, un bonus de chance et des objets marchands supplémentaires. Endless est un mode où les ennemis ressusciteront et gagneront 100% de santé à la fin d’une étape, créant un “cycle”. Après chaque cycle, les ennemis infligeront plus de dégâts et leur taux d’apparition augmentera également. Pour déverrouiller le mode Inverse, vous devrez obtenir le miroir de Gracia. Pour déverrouiller le mode sans fin, vous aurez besoin de la septième trompette.

Il existe également quelques réalisations modifiées qui corrigent les déverrouillages actuels. Terminer n’importe quelle étape de 30 minutes avec Gallo ou Divano déverrouille le bracelet, découvrir chaque union standard et évolution déverrouille Candybox, et faire évoluer le bracelet et le bi-bracelet déverrouille 500 pièces d’or. Mindbender se déverrouille également à 50 objets de collection au lieu de 100.

Le nouveau mode Twitch est une configuration interactive où les téléspectateurs du chat peuvent contrôler certaines options, comme relancer ou bannir et quels événements spéciaux se produisent.

Notes de mise à jour complètes

Nouveau contenu

  • 3 réalisations pour réparer les déblocages existants :
    • Terminez n’importe quelle étape de 30 minutes avec Gallo ou Divano. [Unlocks: Bracelet]
    • Discover all the evolutions and standard unions. [Unlocks: Candybox]
    • Evolve the Bracelet then the Bi-Bracelet. [Unlocks: 500 gold]
  • 4 new achievements:
    • Find all relics of all stages. [Unlocks stage: Eudaimonia M.]
    • Obtain Gracia’s mirror. [Unlocks: Inverse Mode]
    • Obtain the seventh trumpet. [Unlocks: Endless Mode]
    • See the final fireworks. [Unlocks: Greatest Jubilee]
  • 1 new event stage
  • 1 new weapon
  • New skins for: Pugnala, Giovanna, Poppea, Concetta and Mask of the Red Death.
  • New “Side B” soundtrack. Each track on side B unlocks with the scene it belongs to.
  • New option for “exploded” sound effects.
  • Added missing music tracks for Il Molise (and Boss Rash in 0.11.400)
  • Added 11 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  • Added Twitch integration: Chat makes decisions for you and triggers special events. Activate in options by typing chat name, no need to login or do anything weird.

Inverted mode

  • Stage layout is upside down (can be disabled in options) plus minor visual changes depending on stage.
  • Gold gains are increased by 200%. 20% luck bonus.
  • Enemies start with +200% Max Health.
  • Enemies gain 5% Max Health every minute and 1% Movement Speed ​​every 2 minutes (cumulative with Bone Zone enemy bonuses).
  • The merchant also sells: Skip, Banish and Reroll (can carry up to 20) and 1 additional Arcana.

Endless mode

  • The Reaper will not appear at the last minute.
  • Reaching the last minute of a stage will cause enemy waves to restart from minute 0, completing a “cycle”.
  • Enemies gain 100% of their base max health per cycle.
  • Enemy spawn frequency and quantity are increased by 50% per cycle.
  • Enemies deal 25% more damage per cycle. The player’s maximum damage cap is reduced by 1 per cycle.
  • The Merchant respawns every cycle and sells “+1 Revival” instead of Golden Eggs.

Achievement Adjustments:

  • Reduced level requirements for character achievements (reaching LV 100 is now LV80, reaching LV99 is now LV50)
  • Mindbender now unlocks at 50 COLLECTION items instead of 100


  • New UI to show which relics are available at each stage
  • New UI to show what milestones have been completed for each character (plus an option to turn it off)
  • New UI option to lock the selection of a music track so that it persists between runs
  • Each rank in Banish and Reroll now grants 2 of them instead of 1.
  • Picking up an Orologion also slows Gold Fever decay by 50%
  • Lightning Ring and Thunderloop are now affected by Arcana II – Twilight Requiem
  • The bracelet is now affected by arcane XIV – Jail of Crystal. Bi-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana II – Twilight Requiem. Tri-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire
  • Reduced Sketamari HP recovery when absorbing other skeletons.
  • Increased XP gain in the first few minutes of the Dairy Factory.
  • Increased the base amount of gold in treasure chests.
  • The “Recovery” stat now also affects the potency of health recovery pickups.
  • Arcana II – Twilight Requiem explosion damage is now affected by Curse.
  • “quick start” now becomes available after unlocking all 5 main stages.
  • Capped all over limit bonuses other than Might (this in particular is very open to suggestions in case it makes sense to raise certain caps)

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