Things You Didn’t Know About Pokemon Eggs

Pokemon eggs have been a prominent aspect of the mainline Pokemon games since Gen 2, but have also appeared in various spin-off games over the years. Despite how long Pokemon Eggs have existed in the franchise, there are still many mysteries surrounding them.

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Pokemon egg mysteries include why they all look the same in the main games despite looking completely different in other media, how they differ from other eggs in the Pokemon world, and for some reason even how they are produced. Many gamers don’t even realize how unfamiliar they are with Pokemon eggs.


8/8 Possibly inspired by Yoshi

A long-dead April Fool’s Day prank from Expert Gamer magazine that quickly turned into a common schoolyard rumor was that Dragonite could evolve into Yoshi via the use of a complex method requiring to both red and blue versions.

Although it was always invented, the default Pokemon egg design, beige with a few green flecks, may have been inspired by the green dinosaur, as the eggs it lays are nearly identical in appearance. Coincidentally, Game Freak developed the NES and Game Boy puzzle game, Yoshi, before developing Pokemon. Whether it was an homage or a coincidence has never been confirmed.

7/8 Not this egg!

Before the breeding mechanic introduced in the second generation games, Exeggcute and Chansey were classified as Egg Pokemon and still are, but this can be confusing for fans who don’t look further. The eggs that make up Exeggcute only look like eggs, but biologically are more like plant seeds, which is why it is part of the Grass-type and evolves into the tree-like Exeggutor.

The eggs that Chansey and her evolution Blissey are commonly seen with are still eggs, but they’re not the same as Pokemon eggs, and they’re meant to be eaten due to their nutritional value.

6/8 How they are produced is unknown

Although we assume that Pokémon eggs are created by breeding two Pokémon, Pokémon have technically never been confirmed to lay eggs. In fact, a random girl in Solaceon Town, the area of ​​the Sinnoh region where the Pokemon Daycare is, claims that no Pokemon have ever been seen laying an egg.

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Whether this particular girl is telling the truth or just being naive has never been confirmed, but since even people who run various Pokemon Day Cares are surprised when an egg appears and don’t know where it came from, we can assume. that they’ve kind of never seen Pokemon lay eggs either.

5/8 Similar but different appearances

As of Gen 3 games, mostly Pokemon eggs are beige with green flecks, but this changes between different mediums. In the official art of the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions, Togepi’s and Elekid’s eggs look more like the Pokemon hatching from them, though they are not reflected in-game.

In the anime series, Pokemon eggs usually have colors and patterns corresponding to Pokemon hatching. In My Pokemon Ranch the eggs retained their color pattern but were circular instead of ovular, while in Pokemon Battle Revolution they were light brown with dark brown speckles. In Pokemon GO, the standard eggs are still there, but the eggs that take longer to hatch come in different colors.

4/8 They still have statistics

All Pokemon have stats, but what’s more surprising is that Pokemon Eggs also have stats. All Pokemon Eggs have each of their stats set to ten and will change once the Pokemon hatches. Eggs are generally unable to fight, but due to a glitch in Pokemon Emerald and the three mainline Gen 4 games, they can be sent into battle, but they probably won’t be of much use.

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A glitch in Pokemon Sword and Shield also allowed players to see a Pokemon Egg’s stats, teach it moves, and even evolve it before it hatched, but this came with the risk of corrupting the save file.

3/8 Togepi was the first Pokémon to be seen hatching

Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokemon, was the first Pokemon to be seen hatching, at least in the anime series. It was also the first Pokémon that many players saw hatched in the games, since its egg was given to them very early on.

In Pokemon Snap, legendary bird Pokemon Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres can be seen hatching from eggs when specific requirements are met, but these three Pokemon are technically in the egg group with no eggs discovered, so it’s unclear. though their appearance in the Nintendo 64 game can be considered canon.

2/8 From level 5 to level 1

The first Pokémon you could hatch in the Pokémon Series was a Togepi given to you in egg form by Mr. Pokémon, as long as you kept it in your party and didn’t drop it on the PC. This is where many players first discovered that Pokemon hatch at level five, despite some Pokemon in the wild appearing at levels two through four.

Pokemon started hatching at level one, starting in the fourth generation games, and it has remained that way ever since. Many players learned this when the first egg given to them hatched into Happiny, the pre-evolved form of Chansey introduced in this generation.

1/8 They are the only way to get Pokemon in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, several Pokemon can only be obtained by hatching their eggs, including some regional variants and most Pokemon categorized as Baby Pokemon. These eggs must be placed in incubators to hatch and require you to walk anywhere from two to 12 kilometers depending on their color.

Unlike the main games, where the eggs are predetermined, there’s no telling which Pokémon will hatch from an egg, adding an element of mystery to the feature. Eggs also reward you with Stardust and Candy once they hatch.

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