The best nicknames for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet beginners

There is a community-wide debate over Pokémon nicknames. Players on one side are adamantly opposed to nicknames: they’d rather keep their Pokemon’s name the same as its default species and leave it at that. Players on the other side love giving their Pokémon weird and wacky nicknames that complement part of their appearance or mark their role on their trainer’s team.

If you’re on Team Nickname, there are plenty of fun nicknames that would be perfect for your Pokemon. With the recent release Pokemon Scarlet and Purple finally available, fans will want to start finding great nicknames for their first partner Pokémon as soon as possible. We’ve compiled a list of silly nicknames that will work well with Fuecoco, Quaxly, or Sprigatito.

Here are the best nicknames for Scarlet and Purplestarter pokemon.

Best nicknames for Pokémon Scarlet and Violetthe entrees


Picture via Nintendo


Almost any pepper name would work here, but we love Jalapeño for its familiarity and comfort. Don’t run around Paldea with a Fuecoco called Bell Pepper – this little guy is way spicier than that.


If you want something a little more serious but still on theme, try Fuego. It’s the Spanish word for fire, which fits perfectly with Fuecoco’s Fire typing. It also fits well with Paldea’s Iberian Peninsula theme.


It’s always fun to name your first type of fire after an ordinary kitchen appliance. It’s a shame there isn’t enough space to call it Wafflemaker.


Let’s face it: we all thought Fuecoco looked a little “thoughtless, mindless” when we first saw him. Commemorate his low intelligence and big heart with this slightly mean name.


Screenshot via Game Freak


Quaxly evolves into the dramatic Quaquacal, so you’ll want to make sure whatever name you choose still matches his style as he evolves. Why not opt ​​for this classic choice?


It’s like “quack”, but more trendy. To find? Since Quaxly is a duck?


If you are a big fan of Untitled Game of Goose and you want your starter Pokémon to have the same unbalanced energy, try the simple but effective Goose.


Part of Quaxly’s description states that he focuses much of his energy on keeping his hair and head clean. Her body also produces a gel-like substance that waterproofs her feathers. I think this one is self explanatory.


A Sprigato.
Screenshot via Nintendo

grass cat

Yes, this kind of grass. Although the Pokémon franchise does not allow you to put its real name, you can get away with a nickname. After all, Sprigatito is officially known as Pokémon Grass Cat.


This comes from two different sources: Floragato, the name of the evolution of Sprigatito, and “fauna”, which generally refers to animals. It’s funny in a clever way because Sprigatito is both a plant and an animal, if you think of Pokemon as animals.

Toe Beans

Check out this adorable Pokédex photo of Sprigatito. If you examine it closely, you’ll notice that the Pokemon has little pink toes under its paws. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Not bipedal

Part of the Pokémon community is in shambles after learning that Sprigatito becomes more humanoid when it evolves into Floragato and Meowscarada. Keep the furry dream alive with this self-referential name.