The best multi-headed Pokémon

There are over a thousand Pokemon across nine different generations, based on any creature, item, or mythical being material. But only a few of these pocket monsters have more than one head. Pokémon with multiple heads also do not appear in all generations, as no Pokémon introduced in Generation Three have more than one head.

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Including regional variants, which still count as part of the same species as the original Pokemon, there are currently thirteen multi-headed Pokemon. Yet, naturally, some multi-headed Pokémon are better than others due to a variety of factors, including appearance, type, regional forms, and more.


13 binnacle

Known as the Two-Handed Pokemon because both of its heads are hands with faces on them, Binacle is a dual-type Rock and Water, a type combination that’s been done many times before, even in premiere Pokemon games. generation. This oft-forgotten sixth-generation Pokemon is pretty mundane and honestly a little weird.

It doesn’t look the same as many other multi-headed Pokémon, but it’s not completely hideous either. Binacle simply exists, and it would probably be hard to find someone who considers it their favorite Pokemon – although Pokemon anime musician Tomoaki Imakuni has listed it as his favorite.

12 Cherubi

The Grass-type Cherry Cherubi Pokemon may be adorable, but its second head is useless, at least visually. Although Cherubi’s second head doesn’t do much physically, it provides her with the nutrients she needs to evolve into Cherrim when she’s ready, so at least she still has vital function despite her bizarre appearance.

Cherubi’s smaller head also causes it to be hunted by Pokemon birds like Starly due to its immensely sweet taste. Perhaps in the future, a regional form of Cherubi will lose the second head or instead have two heads of the same size, improving its chances of survival.

11 combee

The Tiny Bee Pokemon Combee is a three-headed Bug-type Pokemon primarily known for the honey it produces, commonly sold in stores in the Sinnoh region. Even though Combee is based on actual bees, they apparently lack stingers and will run away from any threat.

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Only the female Combee can evolve into a Vespiquen, while the male Combee cannot evolve. Despite their lack of stingers and relatively harmless nature, Combee will do everything in their power to protect a Vespiquen if they feel threatened, eliminating the threat in any way possible. Combee may not be as remarkable as other multi-headed Pokémon, but don’t let their cuteness fool you, as they are downright deadly in certain situations.

ten Zweilous

The evolved two-headed form of Deino, Zweilous is a dual Dark and Dragon type known as a Hostile Pokémon. Zweilous’ epithet comes from the fact that his two heads don’t get along and constantly compete with each other.

You’d think heads not working together would starve Zweilous, but it’s actually the opposite and usually causes him to end up overeating. However, the head that ate the most becomes the leader. While interesting in theory, Zweilous is worse than its pre-evolved and evolved forms in design and function, so it’s hard to rank it higher than many other multi-headed Pokémon.

9 Execute

The dual-type Grass and Psychic Egg Pokemon Exeggcute is an oddly sentient group of six egg-like creatures, though they have been revealed to look more like plant seeds. The six “eggs” that make up Exeggcute can communicate with each other telepathically, so they can always find each other if they find themselves separated.

If the “eggs” that form Exeggcute somehow become separated, they will become anxious and more likely to flee from any perceived threat until they can find the others. Exeggcute might not be the only multi-headed Pokemon introduced in Gen 1, but it’s definitely the weirdest.

8 Dugtrio

Dugtrio, the evolved form of Diglett, is a ground-type Pokémon that is actually three Digletts sharing an invisible body. Unlike Zweilous, all heads think alike, allowing them to cooperate effectively. Due to the speed at which Dugtrio can dig, he can cause powerful earthquakes.

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The Alolan variant of Dugtrio gains a steel strike and blond hair on each head, which is actually heavy metal whiskers that can sense vibrations. Alolan Dugtrio is also worshiped as a deity by some. There is a superstition that their fallen “hair” is a sign of bad luck, increasing its importance even though it is just a superstition.

seven Magneton

The dual electric and steel magnet Pokémon and the evolved form of Magnemite, Magneton consists of three connected Magnemite. The magneton can disrupt radio waves, permanently break electronic devices, raise the temperature by exactly 3.6°F, dry up all the moisture around it, and cause earache to anyone who gets too close to it.

The side effects of Magneton’s abilities are so intense that some towns even have sirens to warn people of disease outbreaks. Although he has three distinct heads, Magneton only has one brain but lacks enhanced intelligence. If so, it would likely be able to tone down those abilities that help make it one of the most notable multi-headed Pokémon.

6 Dodrio

The Triple Bird Pokémon and the three-headed evolution of Doduo, Dodrio’s heads can often bicker but are smart enough to know when to stop. While the three heads can combine their brain power, they won’t be able to move if they think too much, revealing a significant weakness.

Dodrio can travel long distances without resting, so it’s best not to aggravate one. Drodrio also has three hearts and three pairs of lungs but only one stomach, so only one head needs to eat. For some reason, possibly due to his extra head, Dodrio is slower than Doduo despite being more powerful overall.

5 doduo

The seemingly flightless Twin Bird Plump Pokémon is a two-headed Normal and Flying-type Pokémon. Although he is able to fly, he does not do so very well but is a fast runner due to his legs. Similar to Dugtrio, both heads think alike, though this is due to them generally having identical brains.

Because the two heads can get along so well, they can take turns eating or sleeping, so the other head will pay attention to danger. Doduo may not be the most notable multi-headed Pokémon, but its appearance helps make it memorable.

4 Girafarig

The only multi-headed Pokémon of the second generation, Girafarig is a Normal and Psychic-type Pokémon with a second head on its tail. Unlike some other multi-headed Pokémon, Girafarig’s second head cannot think independently but does not need to sleep and can warn the main head of any incoming threats.

Girafarig has only had a few minor appearances in the anime series, but to be fair, his Pokedex entries in the games don’t amount to much. Girafarig has never received the attention it deserves as one of the most interesting multi-headed Pokémon.

3 exeggutor

Exeggutor, the Coco Pokémon and the evolved form of Exeggcute when exposed to a Leaf Stone, shares the same typing as Exeggcute and is interesting in that all of its heads think independently but never fight because they hear so well. It was also stated that one of Exeggutor’s heads would fall off if it grew too large, becoming a new Exeggcute.

The Alolan variant of Exeggutor has a long neck, a new tail with a smaller fourth head, and changes its Psychic typing to Dragon typing. It might be strange, but Exeggutor is one of the most well-known and fascinating multi-headed Pokémon in the series.

2 Hair removal

Weezing, the evolved form of Koffing, is known as Poison Gas Pokemon. It is a pure Poison-type Pokemon well known as one of the Pokemon owned by James of Team Rocket in the Pokemon Indigo League animated series. Weezing is said to form when two Koffings are close together and two different pools of toxic gases mix.

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Weezing’s Galarian form gains a fairy type and cleans up pollution instead of creating it. Due to their fumes, Trubbish is also common prey for Galarian Weezing, further demonstrating its ability to clean up pollution. Between the fame of its Kantonian form and the prominence of its Galarian form, Weezing is one of the best multi-headed Pokémon.

1 Hydraigon

The evolved three-headed form of Zweilous, Hydreigon is a pseudo-legendary known as the Brutal Pokémon inspired by various mythological multi-headed dragons and similar beings. Hydreigon heads no longer get along with each other is no longer an issue, as the left and right heads have no brains but can still function the same as the main head.

Hydreigon has been known to destroy or devour anything in its path, much like the three-headed alien kaiju King Ghidorah from the Godzilla franchise. One of their attacks even uses the same sound effect. Hydreigon can be terrifying, but that makes it the best multi-headed Pokémon.

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