SteelAsia’s Casting Shop Will Use Green Technology

SteelAsia’s Casting Shop Will Use Green Technology

SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation will begin operating the country’s first industrial-scale smelter shop in 2024 using the latest green technology from Tenova, a global leader in steel and mining technologies.

In a statement, SteelAsia said the 600,000-ton plant, located in Lemery in Batangas, will use local scrap metal to produce high-quality billets that will be the raw material for the construction of buildings and ports, construction naval, among other projects.

SteelAsia President Benjamin Yao said the smelter will formalize and organize the collection, consolidation and recycling of scrap metal across the country, creating a business sub-sector providing opportunities for individuals and small businesses. businesses such as flea markets.

In addition to generating business opportunities and thousands of jobs, it will also save the country valuable dollars currently used to import billets.

“It is part of SteelAsia’s vision to build an integrated steel industry, the backbone of a country’s industrial base. SteelAsia, the country’s largest steel producer, already has six factories in operation and has lined up several more in a multi-billion dollar plan to keep the country on top of its neighbours,” Yao said.

To minimize the carbon footprint of the project, SteelAsia will use the latest green technology from Tenova, whose Consteel Evolution technology saves energy, decarbonizes steel production and reduces environmental impacts through carbon recovery. efficient energy and pollution control innovations.