Pokémon: May’s Strongest Pokémon, Ranked

Although her dream was to become a Pokémon coordinator, May still made a name for herself as a trainer. Having her fair share of eclectic Pokemon on her team, she had everything from fire-types to ice-types and more.

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Knowing that May didn’t necessarily want to own Pokemon early in her time on the show, it’s all the more special to see how much she’s progressed in her skills and relationships with her Pokemon. While all of his sidekicks make great fighters and companions, let’s take a look at how they rank in terms of power and importance.

7 Skitted

May and Skitty

Skitty comes in last, who first joined May’s team because she was struck by her cuteness, given that even her best fighting ability is Cute Charm. However, Skitty has surprisingly proven to be a staple companion to May, and their bond will be forever sweet.

The kitten-inspired Pokémon performs fairly averagely on the battlefield, so it’s not too essential for May’s team as a strong fighter. However, Skitty is a pretty iconic Pokémon in general, and fans always enjoy sightings of Skitty whenever he appears in the various series.

6 Munchlax


Like Snorlax’s previous form, this tall, lazy companion was somewhat of an unexpected choice for May. Although she didn’t start out as a Pokemon expert and fans didn’t expect her to pick a perfect team, many viewers were a bit lost when it came to her strategy with Munchlax.

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While Munchlax might not be everyone’s first choice, he’s actually not too shabby in battle. The “Big Eater” Pokémon has quite high HP, with its attack and special defense skills coming right after. With abilities like Pickup and Thick Fat, Munchlax is definitely entertaining to watch.


5 Wurmple/Silcoon/Beautifly

By far one of the cutest flying-type Pokemon, Beautifly is perfect for May’s team, both in terms of personality and combat. In the anime series, it’s often a pattern that flying-types usually do quite well in battle, though their strength isn’t necessarily reflected in the games. While not the strongest on its own, the “Pokémon Butterfly” is the one that made May achieve her dream of becoming a Pokémon Coordinator in the first place, so its importance in the series is pretty huge.

However, between his maneuvers like Swarm and Rivalry, his special attack abilities aren’t too shabby against other competitors. Although Beautifly’s previous forms, Wurmple and Silcoon, weren’t the best and strongest fighters, it’s clear that once the Pokemon became fully evolved, Beautifly and May were destined to be partners.

4 Squirtle / Wartortle


As one of the main starters, Squirtle and its evolutions are by far one of the most iconic Pokémon of all time. With its final evolution, Blastoise, being one of the strongest Water-types of all time, it’s easy to see why any trainer would benefit from having a Squirtle on their team.

The turtle-inspired Pokémon is quite impressive at every stage, with its unique water moves, including Torrent and Rain Dish. With their high defense abilities and undying adorable factor, it’s no secret that Squirtle and Wartortle are fan-favorite Pokemon for so many reasons.

3 Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur

May hugging Bulbasaur

Another famous starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur is a pretty unique combination of two types, Grass and Poison. Having this Pokemon and its evolutions was another smart move May made, as you can’t go wrong with the simple yet complex first generation.

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This “Seed Pokémon” specializes in its Special Attack as well as its Special Defense, with its other base stats not too far behind. From its unique attributes of a flowering plant bulb on its back to its bloom and chlorophyll powers, there’s no doubt as to why this Pokémon and its evolutions are so sought after in the training community. . Not only do they make excellent competitors on the battlefield, but they also make excellent friends!

2 Eevee/Iceon

May with Glaceon

Next is Eevee, which was born from May’s egg and traveled with her from the start, then evolved into Glaceon. While Glaceon doesn’t rank too high among other Eevee evolutions, it’s an impressive Pokemon first and foremost. Ice-types aren’t always recognized as powerful compared to fire-types, for example, but a trainer really can’t go wrong with any of Eevee’s nine evolutions.

However, his special attack ability is beyond high level and his other general stats aren’t too shabby either. With unique moves like Snow Cloak and Ice Body, the “Fresh Snow” Pokemon is definitely one of May’s strongest fighters and traveling companions.

1 Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken

May holding Torchic

Torchic’s highest evolution, Blaziken, is arguably one of the most powerful fire-types of all time, and May scored a lot of time having it on her roster, far less than her first Pokemon. Although Torchic was a bit inexperienced when it came to fighting at first, fans are happy that May stuck with the Pokemon, as it turned out to be very rewarding for her in the end. From its baby chick form to its intensely powerful form, fans have been thrilled to see the Pokemon’s immense growth not only in strength, but also in confidence and overall skill.

Between his unique build and obvious strength, Blazekin and his previous forms are fantastic partners to have. Given that Torchic and Combusken already have great attacking abilities to begin with, it’s no wonder Blaziken’s attack stats are skyrocketing, along with his overall HP and defense. All in all, it’s impossible to go wrong with an almighty fire/fighting dual-type like Blaziken, and May will forever be praised for her ability to evolve such an iconic Pokemon.

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