Over the past two years, INTEL has invested nearly US$1 billion in Costa Rica and officially inaugurated an assembly and test plant

  • During the pandemic, hiring exceeded 1,750 new additions to the workforce.
  • Today, a large share of product units are produced and shipped to different customers around the world from

HEREDI, Costa Rica, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/As part of Intel’s celebration of its 25e birthday in Costa Ricathe company officially inaugurated the assembly and test plant located in San Antonio from Belen. The event counted with the participation of from Costa Rica President, Rodrigue Chavesand several of his ministers.

The country’s manufacturing facilities have started operating with end-to-end assembly and testing processes in September 2021 (Export test operation started during April 2020), but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the site had not been officially launched.

Today, a significant portion of server unit products offered by Intel in global markets are tested and shipped in Costa Rica, this increases the relevance of local operations as part of Intel’s overall IDM 2.0 strategy. These operations are part of the manufacturing, supply chain and business operations organization. After the silicon wafer manufacturing process is completed at Intel’s factories, the components are cut and shipped to an assembly and test facility. Each chip is assembled inside a case that protects it and allows it to connect to other components. Finally, its functionality is tested.

Costa Rica is a suitable location for this significant expansion of our assembly and testing operations. The work we do here is critical to rebalancing the global semiconductor supply chain and providing much-needed chips to the industry,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel. “We have valued the partnership, passion and commitment of government, community and the local ecosystem since we opened our first operation 25 years ago and look forward to many more..”

In its 25 years of activity, Intel Costa Rica today has the largest and most complex logistics: a workforce that exceeds 3,700 collaborators, employment opportunities for more than 5 600 casual workers, 26,000 square meters in its factory and 17,000 square meters of multi-operation engineering laboratories. focused on software, hardware and platforms, as well as the most specialized service desk of its time.

Rodrigue ChavesPresident of the Republic, shared“For our country, being able to rely on Intel for the past 25 years has been a blessing, as the jobs generated by this company have translated into benefits for the whole country. This 25-year commitment between Costa Rica and Intel is getting stronger with the inauguration of this assembly and test plant. It also tells us that there are exceptional human talents in the country to value the technologies of companies of this type”.

Operations consolidate
Keyvan EsfarjaniChief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Intel, shared: “The Intel Costa Rica team is a vital part of Intel’s global assembly and test manufacturing, and I’m proud of them for reaching this 25-year milestone. This is a testament to the world-class execution of our teams. In addition, I appreciate our strong partnerships with the government and our suppliersThe plant continues to progress with the installation of the necessary equipment to reach its maximum capacity, including advanced technologies with predictive capabilities, robotics and autonomous management, giving impetus to Industry 4.0 of the region.

This growth was possible thanks to different factors, such as the existing infrastructure, the synergy with operations already established on the site, the human talent, the free zone regime and the legal certainty, which gave Intel a favorable option. to expand its capacity in Costa Rica.

Minister of Foreign Trade, Manuel Tovarsaid“25 years ago, Intel chose Costa Rica to be his home. The talent of many Costa Ricans launched the operations of this company, which today confirms that the decision to choose our country was the right one. From the assembly and testing plant to Costa Ricaproducts are manufactured and exported to many corners of the world and have enabled the country to occupy important positions in increasingly sophisticated global value chains”.

He also mentioned that“the company’s three centers of excellence in the country generate approximately 3,500 direct and quality jobs for Costa Ricans, which translates into opportunities, development and well-being for many families”.

High value transactions
“We are creating breakthrough technology that improves the lives of every person on the planet. The passion, commitment and innovation of Costa Rican talent have been crucial to this evolution, allowing us to continue to increase our value for the business through our three centers of excellence, generating a positive impact. The country must continue to promote its competitiveness continuously as it is done in the rest of the world,” said Ileana RojasDesign Engineering Group and General Manager, Intel Costa Rica.

For his part, Chairman of the Management Board of CINDE, Eric Scharfadded, “This growth of Intel is further proof of the capacity of Costa Rican talent and our favorable investment climate to carry out assembly and test operations in Costa Rica meet the strong global demand for semiconductors. We congratulate Intel on the official inauguration of this factory. We also recognize its significant mark on the country as a promoter of technology transfer, positioning us as a key destination for foreign direct investment (FDI)”.

Intel Costa Rica has three major centers of excellence:

1. The Research and Development (R&D) Center: currently the largest engineering center and the main exporter of these services across the country, dedicated to the design, prototyping, testing and validation of solutions, software and integrated circuit platforms. Here, 48% of the workforce is employed.

2. Chip assembly and testing: Here, 27% of the manufacturing and supply chain organization is hired, and they do the assembly, testing of the server products offered by Intel in the market.

3. The Global Service Center: Designs, executes and transforms global multi-functional business processes across Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain delivering high value in innovation and business transformation. Costa Rica is the company’s main financial center with more than 440 employees working on financial modernization globally. Here, 25% of the workforce is employed.

Engagement with the country
In addition to operations, Intel continues to invest in the country and its people. For this year, the goal is to reach 1000 students with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs thanks to a donation of more than $100,000 advance education in this area, from school and its schools to higher education. In addition, Intel has donated 16 robotic arms and necessary training for equipment instructors at vocational technical colleges nationwide to improve students’ learning of robotics and programming.

Currently and in the coming months, it is expected that there will be approximately 100 vacancies in areas such as production technicians, manufacturing and maintenance supervisors, process engineers, among other required activities. in the assembly and test factory. Additionally, employment opportunities are available through the student-worker program. All requirements can be viewed only on www.intel.com/jobs.