Iris celebrates the evolution of the partnership with a Mexican glass manufacturer

Vidrio Formas is reaping the rewards of its nine-year partnership with Iris Inspection Machinery with a major upgrade and expansion of its inspection facilities in 2022.

IRIS modernizes the customer’s first machine, installed in 2013 with new equipment and the latest NEO smart software
systems. This is the first step in a planned program of upgrades to all Vidrio Formas machines.

Jen-Luc Logel-Iris CEO, says: “We named our machines Evolution because unlike others, they evolve over time and never become obsolete.

“Each inspection module can be upgraded as we develop new technologies, so each of the customer’s machines remains as efficient, fast and smart as our latest model.”

Evolution machines are totally modular, so components for inspecting different defects can be interchanged according to customer needs.

Upgrading an Evolution machine brings cost and environmental savings to Iris customers:

  • It reduces investment by up to 55% compared to a new machine when a complete inspection line (flank, geometry, base, finish and mold reader) is upgraded
  • It drastically reduces the cost of false rejects by incorporating the latest inspection features
  • It reduces the customer’s carbon footprint by eliminating production and transportation emissions, combined with a brand new machine
  • It keeps carbon embedded in existing infrastructure for another 10 years or more

Vidrio Formas recently installed four new machines at its new production plant in Lerma and has four more on order for the next two production lines. By the end of 2022, the company will operate 22 Iris inspection machines in its production facilities.

Alex Schneeweiss, Vidrio Formas COO says: “Iris is our trusted partner. They develop all of their innovations in close collaboration with customers like us, so they always deliver what we need.

“We have complete confidence in them and their excellent local technical support team as we expand our production for our customers in Mexico and beyond. Just like our original Evolution machines, the new ones will never be obsolete.

Vidrio Formas himself is at the forefront of this joint innovation and mutual trust. The company is one of Iris’ first customers to send defect images taken by Evolution machines directly to the cold end via its own information system.

With more than 50 job changes per month at its main glass factory, Vidrio Formas needs precise and flexible inspection machines that can easily be adapted to the parameters of a rapidly changing production cycle.

In Mexico’s expanding glass market, the company’s partnership with Iris inspection machines is one of the cornerstones of its service.