How to get (and evolve) Song of Mana

To unlock the Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors, players must survive for 15 minutes using an unlocked character from Dairy Plant Stage.

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A great weapon for massive AoE bursts and clearing hordes of junk mobs in vampire survivors is the Song of Mana. Its evolution, Mannajja, is just as good at dealing damage to many on-screen enemies, but can do so at a much faster rate and wider range. Such a weapon would be perfect for AoE builds with slow or immobile units like Peppino, a secret character in vampire survivors. However, unlocking Song of Mana and evolving it requires players to go through several stages before weapons become available for the rest of their roster.


Similar to the Gatti Amari in vampire survivors, the Song of Mana can only be unlocked by surviving 15 minutes with a playable character named Poppea Pecorina. Poppea is obtained by finding her coffin in the Dairy Factory, the normal third stage of the game which becomes accessible once the survivors reach level 40 in the inlaid library. Poppea’s coffin is located in the bottom right of the map. However, this can be difficult to find; thus, players are instructed to find the milky way map in the dairy factory before attempting to search for Poppea in the scene.

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All vampire survivors fans have to do to find the milky way map in dairy factory is follow the green HUD arrow that points to where the relic can be found. After collecting the Milky Way map, players will then be able to see the exact location of Poppea Pecorina’s coffin, indicated by a white question mark on the map.

How to unlock the Song of Mana

As mentioned above, the Song of Mana will be available to all playable characters in vampire survivors once players have survived 15 minutes with Poppea in any stage. The easiest way to accomplish this task would be to enter the Mad Forest, the first and easiest map in the game.

How to evolve the Song of Mana into Mannajja

Evolving the Song of Mana into Mannajja requires vampire survivors fans to acquire the Skull O’Maniac, a passive item that increases curse by 10% per level. To unlock this item, players must survive 30 minutes with one character named Lama Ladonna. According Mandatory.GG, Llama becomes available in character select once players have survived 20 minutes with at least 10% curse active. To achieve this feat, fans can purchase the PowerUp Curse with Gold. Alternatively, they can use Concetta, Zi’Assunta, and Marrabbio, three characters that inherently start each stage with 10%+ Curse. However, once Lama has survived long enough to unlock the Skull O’Maniac, players can use the passive item to evolve their Song of Mana into Mannajja in vampire survivors.

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Source: Mandatory.GG