Fossil plants to discuss at the Courtenay Museum

The Vancouver Island Paleontological Society and the Courtenay and District Museum and Paleontological Center are hosting an afternoon of paleobotany at the museum. Four fossil plant species will be described in a mini-symposium that will precede the main event of the Paleontological Symposium August 17-20 in Courtenay. For more information, visit

On Saturday, June 16, from 1 to 4:15 p.m., Dr. Alex Bippus of Oregon State University will describe the “Early Cretaceous Fossil Mosses of California and Vancouver Island.”

Next, Dr. Ruth Stockey of Oregon State University will describe a species of Araucaria from Lake Brannen, Vancouver Island. (Araucaria is more commonly known as the monkey puzzle tree.)

Dr. Brian Atkinson of the University of Kansas will describe “Dogwood Dog Days,” some of the oldest fossil Vancouver Island dogwoods ever discovered.

The final speaker is Dr. Gar Rothwell, Ohio University, who will describe a fossil conifer with his presentation, “The Parataxodium Flora of Alaska’s North Slope.” This species is similar to Metasequoia.

Join VIPS this paleo botanical appetizer and learn what the dinosaurs ate.