By Wayne Robinson | November 18, 2022

Digitally printed packaging producer ePac has connected production at its growing number of factories around the world, with a new cloud-based system, ePacOne.

Global Connection: ePac ANZ Managing Director Jason Brown (right) with ePac Chief Information Officer Parag Patel

This means that ePac will be able to print 2.4 million meters of packaging per day for a single customer if needed at its 26 factories around the world, and 5 million meters per day when all of its 50 new presses and 11 planned new factories will come online. .

The name ePacOne means network everywhere, with ePac creating what it claims to be the first and largest integrated network of packaging factories worldwide.

The new ePacOne has been developed to serve all brands, large and small, regardless of draw length. The company says that with ePacOne, it is committed to continuing to innovate in flexible packaging, extending its value proposition to all brands.

He says customers of all sizes will now benefit from ePac’s industry-leading just-in-time manufacturing capabilities across the globe, short lead times (5-15 business days once mock-up approved) and other engagement solutions (such as ePacConnect) at competitive prices. , regardless of the size of the order.

According to ePac, its ePacOne is a proprietary cloud-based manufacturing platform, which allows all ePac locations to be connected and managed as a single manufacturing facility. Jobs are automatically produced at the optimal locations, based on customer proximity, size, plant capabilities, and capacity. It also allows ePac to split jobs and produce them simultaneously across multiple sites.

Parag Patel, CIO of ePac, said, “With ePacOne, we are once again revolutionizing the packaging industry, with a first-of-its-kind proprietary platform that allows us to extend our value to brands beyond SME space. As a flexible packaging manufacturing virtual factory, we are unlocking ePac’s ability to print up to eight million linear feet per day, growing to 17 million linear feet per day with our continued expansion.

“The ePacOne is a natural evolution of our technology infrastructure, as we continue to lead the flexible packaging technology revolution and evolve our solutions.”

The launch of ePacOne means the ANZ operation, which opened in Melbourne a year ago, is now connected to ePac factories around the world. ANZ is likely to see a second ePac factory open as part of the global expansion.