Cannabis brands “nest” and adopt specific demographics

The evolving cannabis retail market is creating new strategies and a wide range of offerings this fall.

LOS ANGELES , September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis has never been a typical or traditional business sector. A history marked by injustice and prohibition has forced brands to evolve in unique ways, creating a dynamic landscape of companies, products and leaders. Such a shift has even extended to the personalization of dispensaries themselves, inspiring entrepreneurs to cultivate storefronts that fit niche communities. On the product side, the new offerings this fall reflect the rise of a more sophisticated consumer, one who knows the plant and expects products that match their preferences and style.

While many traditional CPG brands have long opted for strategies aimed at reaching out to the widest possible range of consumers, many cannabis companies have recently adopted the opposite tactic. Operators in different parts of the country are “sticking out” – focusing on more specific demographics when tailoring their dispensary design and offerings. In Torontofor example, Seung Lee of Seoul Cannabis recognizes from Toronto large Korean population, opting for dispensary features like the art of Korean folk tales and musical references. In Los Angeles, Green Qween caters specifically to the LGBTQ+ community, while Hierba reflects the region’s vibrant Mexican-American and Chicano roots. By adapting to niche demographics, dispensaries can embrace and celebrate the culture of their communities.

This fall, cannabis consumers of all skill levels and preferences can expect an excellent lineup of products on dispensary shelves. While some brands aim for sophistication and elegance, others emphasize the heritage culture that brought so many into the factory. Sundazed, a woman-owned and BIPOC-owned brand, leans into femininity with its delicately styled pink pre-roll menu, while Alien Labs embraces color and playfulness with its Galactic Gummies. by Edie Parker The Heart One-Hitter pipe is not only powerful and affordable, but also aesthetically appealing. Simply Herb returns to affordable, hassle-free cannabis by only offering flowers in its high-quality range. No matter the tactic or branding, cannabis companies continue to respond to consumer preferences with enthusiasm and creativity.

“It’s really fascinating to watch the industry mature and test new ways to interact with consumers from all walks of life,” said Kathee Brewereditorial director at Inc Media, parent company of an award-winning trade journal mg Magazine. “In a space where the focus is on fairness, seeing operators focus on niche communities to reflect on and celebrate is an exciting new aspect of social justice to consider. That kind of adaptability, as well that continuous product innovation, make this industry both rewarding and exhilarating to work in.”

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