Bormioli Luigi trusts Iris for his glass control

Perfumery and cosmetics glass conditioner Bormioli Luigi deploys Iris Inspection Machines technology in its factories in Italy and Spain.

The rollout follows a trial of the Iris Evolution NEO camera inspection machines at the company’s Parma factory in which 100% of defects were detected in Bormioli Luigi’s samples.

The technology also recorded a reduction in false rejects to improve production efficiency.

As a result, Bormioli Luigi ordered sidewall, finish and base inspection machines for the Parma lines and its newly refurbished cosmetic oven from the Azuqueca plant in Madrid.

Armando Brusamolino, Regional Sales Manager at Iris inspection machinessaid: “The challenge at Azuqueca was particularly intense as our machines had to inspect not only additional white glass, but also a variety of colored glass campaigns on the same line.

“Our Evolution NEO machines feature fully compatible color change technology.”

The French inspection company offered a new inspection line to detect standard and cosmetic (transparent) defects in the side wall, finish and base, which worked effectively in both extra white and colored glass.

The initial line was so successful that Bormioli Luigi decided to equip all the lines of its new oven with the same technology. The project will be completed in early 2023.

The facilities include two sets of complementary equipment:

  • NEO Ultimate Evolution is a side wall inspection machine with up to 18 cameras. It is designed for the perfumery and cosmetics market and detects a variety of defects such as stones, spikes, hard blisters, soft blisters, cold mold, loading marks, heights, tilts, etc.)
  • Evolution 5 NEO is a fully automated machine for base and finish inspection and mold number reading. It can be equipped with up to five modules to meet the needs of each customer

Armando Brusamolino said: “It is unusual for a perfume packaging line to have a base and finish inspection as most cannot handle the complex container shapes. The Evolution 5 NEO is so modular and flexible that it can easily be adapted to the varied job changing needs of these lines.

The Evolution Ultimate is dedicated to the cosmetics and perfumery sector. It has specialized technology to identify surface defects, ideal for the cosmetics industry where visual quality requirements exceed those of other sectors.

Bormioli Luigi develops and manufactures premium packaging solutions for cosmetics, skincare and fragrances.