Aptera wants to adopt Tesla’s charging connector for its solar electric car

Aptera wants to adopt Tesla’s charging connector for its next solar electric car and believes the entire US EV market should do the same.

When Tesla first started making electric cars, there was no dominant charging standard, and so Tesla developed its own. Things have changed a lot since then, and now CCS has become the global standard.

Although CCS has now been adopted globally, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best charging standard, and that’s what Aptera thinks.

Aptera is building a super-efficient battery-powered, solar-powered three-wheeled electric car. It claims a range of up to 1,000 miles and achieves this by making the vehicle extremely lightweight, with three wheels and a coefficient of drag (Cd) of just 0.13.

When he first unveiled the new vehicle in 2020, a prototype featured a Tesla connector, it caught our attention as it is a proprietary connector.

Two years later, Aptera still has hopes of using Tesla’s connector, Aptera co-CEO Chris Anthony said during a new Q&A:

Years ago we saw the evolution of the J1772 connector and I think we all marveled at the inadequacy of the connector. It was big, bulky, and looked like a hair dryer. It was not elegant at all. Then a Tesla brought its plug and it was nice, sleek with a little handle that you can easily plug into your electric vehicle.

Here is the difference between CCS connector (J1772 with DC fast charging CCS pins) and Tesla connector:

Anthony argues that the Tesla connector is much easier to handle and there is also the fact that the same connector supports all charge levels. The co-CEO argued that the entire US market should embrace Tesla’s connector and hinted that the company plans to leverage its investor base and reservation holders to try to make it happen.

Aptera now has more than 25,000 reservation holders and aims to deliver its first vehicles by the end of the year.

Electrek’s Grasp

I tend to agree with them, but that’s not done. If even Tesla doesn’t take this battle, I doubt Aptera can make much of a difference.

Tesla has already retreated to Europe, where it uses CCS, and plans to launch CCS compatibility on superchargers in the United States.

Yes, the Tesla connector is better, but it looks like CCS has already won.

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