Apple’s iPad saw an unexpected surge in sales in Taiwan in April due to the latest round of COVID-19 lockdowns

Yesterday, Patently Apple released a report titled “Despite Supply Constraints, Apple Led the Western European Tablet Market by Beating Second Place Samsung by 2.4x Shipments.” Today, a report from Taiwan’s UDN says the latest round of COVID-19 shutdowns have actually boosted iPad sales.

According to the report, the actual statistics of tablet sales volume in stores in April showed a 20% increase from the previous month, which shows that people are more attached to tablets. The data comes from Taiwan’s largest communication store chain, Jisheng Communications.

The report further notes that after the easing of the epidemic prevention policy, the development of the local epidemic situation is different from that of the past. After finding that April tablet sales unexpectedly increased by 20%, Jisheng Communication then calculated the April tablet store sales ranking data. Based on top-selling models, Apple still has the most with five winners, Samsung with four, and Xiaomi with just one model, as seen in the report table shown below.

The best-selling tablet in Jisheng Communication stores in April is the iPad 10.2″, 9th generation WiFi (64G), which has a 10.2-inch screen, supports Apple Pencil and a smart keyboard, and its price is 10,490 yuan.

Fifth place is the Apple iPad Pro 11 Wi-Fi 3rd generation (128G) with M1 processor. Due to its high specifications, it is quite attractive for imaging or photography professionals, even though it is the most expensive on the bestseller list. To learn more, read the full UDN report here.

It is unclear whether this current trend will extend to mainland China or extend throughout the quarter in Taiwan. For now, I’m sure Apple is pleased with this small victory in light of a number of product factory closures and component shortages.

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