9 Batman Villains We Want To See In The Sequel

The Batman is the last film featuring the Caped Crusader. In Matt Reeves’ detective tale, we see The Dark Knight battling The Riddler (Paul Dano), The Penguin (Colin Farrel), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz). With several spin-offs and sequels already in the works, it’s time to start looking at Gotham City’s next threat.

Batman has the deepest rogues gallery in all of comics, so there are plenty of characters available to Reeves. In this list, we’re going to be looking at nine villains for Robert Pattinson face in The Batman continued. We try to avoid the villains that appeared in Christopher Nolanit’s Black Knight Trilogy because Batman has so many great characters that haven’t seen the big screen yet. Sorry in advance for The Joker, Bane, League of killers Shadows, Scarecrow and Two-Face.

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The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls standing together from the Batman comic series
Image via DC Comics

One of the few modern Batman villains that stands out from the crowd is none other than The Court of Owls. The Batman tackles themes of corruption in Gotham City, and the Court is a perfect sequel to this central idea. In Scott SnyderIn the legendary comic book series, we see The Court of Owls tear down Batman’s psyche, revealing that Gotham’s corruption runs deeper than he could ever imagine. A secret society has influenced everything in the city for generations.

The fact that this version of Batman deals with the Court after taking on the likes of Falcone and The Penguin shows that Gotham still needs a hero. La Cour is one of the few villains who challenges Bruce both physically and mentally, which means we see Batman fight the Talon while keeping the detective-noir aspects of the first film.



Hush uses two pistols as he prowls the streets of Gotham
Picture via DC

silence is another puzzle for Batman to solve. In Jim Leethe iconic story of Batman: Hush, we see Batman take on his rogues’ gallery while trying to defeat a new enemy, Hush. Batman tries to unmask this new threat while dealing with characters like the Joker, Harley Quinn, and other villains trying to bring him down. Pattinson’s take on the character would fit perfectly into a silence scenario.

After battling the Riddler, Hush would attempt to crack Batman, forcing the Caped Crusader into a state of unease and dealing with his childhood trauma. Hush is a great Batman foil but might have too many similarities to Paul Dano’s Riddler. Still, with a few tweaks, he would be a terrific adviser.

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Mr. Freeze

Image via WarnerMedia

Victor Fries is a mild-mannered cryogenics expert who wants to save his terminally ill wife, Nora, from an incurable disease. To buy himself more time to find a cure, Victor freezes Nora, preserving her while searching for answers. Unfortunately, while doing so, he gets caught up in a lab accident, causing his body temperature to drop drastically. He can now only survive sub-zero temperatures and is forced to live out the rest of his day in a cryogenic suit.

Mr. Freeze is such a tragic figure because his motivations are rooted in human emotion, unlike most Batman villains. He wants to cure Nora, which leads him to a life of crime. In the Emmy-winning episode of Batman: The Animated Series“Heart of Ice” the series moved forward and humanized Freeze in a way that redefined the character.

Now, I think it’s time we redefine it in live-action – having a villain that Batman will sympathize with because, like Freeze, Bruce is involved in illegal activities due to the loss of loved ones, his parents. Forcing Bruce to face his problems and find a way to help Freeze is the perfect evolution to where he left off at the end of The Batman.

poison ivy

Image via Warner Bros.

We last saw Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy in Joel Schumacherit’s batman and robin in a pure sense of irony. However, I hope for a more realistic take on the character. Pamela Lillian Isley’s motives are noble. She wants to protect all plant life and stop the insane amount of pollution we see in Gotham’s red skies. However, his methods are too extreme and a bit crazy, in all honesty.

Pam was a biochemist for Wayne Enterprises and worked on a new experiment. Like any comic book villain, the experiment goes awry; this allowed her to control plants, be immune to toxins, and control her pheromones. She takes full advantage of the power as it gives her a form of mind control.

Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist who is one of the most dangerous villains Batman will ever face. If the creative team can get us to sympathize with her while making her the deadly enchantress we know from the comics, she’d be the perfect villain.

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Man-Bat transformed into howling
Picture via DC

We’re getting a little more fantastic here with this next pick. Man-Bat is a villain who shows the horror of Gotham City. Dr. Robert Kirk Langstrom is another scientist whose experiment went wrong. This time, instead of having the power to control plants able to survive sub-zero temperatures, Kirk has the curse of turning into a giant bat.

Man-Bat is a character inspired by the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A man who changes in the night, terrorizing Gotham and forcing the Batman to try to find him. If Matt Reeves wants to take on a villain not entirely rooted in reality, Man-Bat would be an inspired choice.

Man-Bat would add some horror and excitement to the franchise. This interpretation would have Batman working alongside Gordon to clear Batman’s name. Reports of a bat-like creature haunting the skies of Gotham are sure to draw all eyes to The Dark Knight. Be one of the Batman characters not yet on the big screenMan-Bat is full of unlimited potential.

Professor Pyg

Batman's weird super-villain, Professor Pyg
Picture via DC

Lazlo Valentin is a disturbed surgeon obsessed with physical perfection. This leads him to kidnap citizens of Gotham and turn them into his beloved “Dollotrons”. Professor Pyg is a serial killer who transforms his victims’ faces and dons a creepy pig mask. He’s a twisted psychopath, but he’d be another street-level villain for Battinson to face (pun intended).

Unlike some of our other entries, there’s no sympathy for Pyg, which already changes the formula a bit, but he’s still a formidable foe for Gotham’s protector. This villain is one of Batman’s most gruesome to date, so he might not fit into the PG-13 rating, but he’s worth it if they want to push the envelope.

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Clayface (Basil Karlo) steps out of the comics panel
Picture via DC

There have been at least eight different people under the Clayface alias. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll focus on the best-known iteration of the character, Matthew Hagen from Batman: The Animated Series. In this origin, Matthew is an actor past his prime whose face was disfigured after a terrible car accident.

While recovering, he receives an experimental cream called “Renuyu” from a corrupt businessman named Roland Daggett. This cream allowed Hagen to impersonate whoever he wanted. In exchange for Daggett’s “kindness”, Hagen is forced to commit crimes and steal important documents. After overexposure, Hagen becomes a shape-shifting monster known as Clayface.

Clayface is a tragic figure, and a shapeshifter is an almost impossible person to apprehend. The only suitable person for the job is, the world’s greatest detective. The character might be a bit too off-center for Matt Reeves’ world, but if they want to go deeper into sci-fi and body horror like, Clayface would be perfect.

The Ventriloquist and Scarface

Villain Batman The Ventriloquist
Picture via DC

Arnold Wesker is a ventriloquist who suffers from a split personality disorder. His puppet, Scarface, is a gangster and has a firm grip on Wesker’s psyche. Scarface is a ruthless mob boss and Wesker is his shy lackey. Arnold Wesker is the perfect Batman villain because he’s a twisted version of Batman himself.

Wesker uses the identity of Scarface to become a criminal mastermind. He’s the type of antagonist Batman would try to save, even if he ultimately fails. The Ventriloquist and Scarface are the perfect blend of tragedy and madness you’d expect in a place like Gotham City.

The mad Hatter

Scowling Mad Hatter
Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Jervis Tetch is a neuroscientist obsessed with Lewis Carrollclassic novel, Alice in Wonderland. Tetch believes he is an embodiment of Alice in Wonderland character, The Mad Hatter. Tetch is an expert in hypnotic technology and uses it to his advantage, committing numerous crimes in the process.

What Makes The Mad Hatter A Powerful Villain For batman 2 it’s that he’s another villain exploding. Arkham Asylum is a place where people should get help, but often they leave worse than when they arrived. Challenging Bruce in a way that makes him question his methods and the system in place would be the next evolution in his character growth.

Jervis Tetch can toe the creepy, wacky line much the same as The Riddler or Joker. It’s all in how you approach the character and his storylines. Here, Reeves’ creativity can shine as this would be Mad Hatter’s first significant live-action appearance.

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