10 Free Things to Do in Hershey, PA

Hershey is nicknamed the Sweet Town for a reason, its candy and chocolate making prowess. It’s one of the few towns in Pennsylvania where vacationers can roam freely on a zero budget.

While there’s a general feeling that free stuff is substandard, that’s not the energy here at Hershey’s. Free access equipment proves to be the best for a successful holiday. From marvelous botanicals to history-rich museums, this city offers more than chocolates.

Here are the best free things to explore in Hershey.

ten Chocolate tour

The first and most exciting activity on the Hershey’s Adventure is a visit to the town’s chocolate factory. People love chocolates so much but can hardly tell how they are made. Not all chocolates are made from dairy products. Others are plant-based, and Hershey’s is the perfect place to witness them. The visit lasts about 10 minutes. In this short time, visitors walk away feeling like they can run a successful chocolate business. Kids love this tour more because of the happy endings, the chocolates of course.

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9 Soak at Hershey Water Park

Water is an essential part of the Hershey experience. At some point in the vacation, adventures will have to cool off the effects of the scorching Pennsylvania sun. Inside Hershey Park is a swimming pool nicknamed The Shore. This swimming pool is free for the public provided you have the necessary swimsuit. The Shore accommodates both adults and children, with the latter having a secluded area at one end and the former enjoying most of the pool.

8 Hershey Garden Tour

Adventurers looking for unique vacation spots are never wrong with Hershey Gardens. Spread over 23 acres of land, this garden has much more to explore than flowers. In the middle of the garden is a water park with water jets before dropping back into the park in the center. This garden has hundreds of species of trees and acts as a breath of fresh air in a world already shaken by global warming and climate change.

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seven hershey park

Amusement parks are lately becoming a trend among vacationers. Whenever people go out, they crave a taste of a park somewhere, especially if there are kids involved. At Hersheypark, it’s all about fun and games. From swimming in the water park to wild rides, everything is there for the vacationer to explore. The area around the park is full of shops where tourists can grab a quick bite of chocolate.

6 Watch live horse racing

The Hershey experience is as interesting as it gets. A recommendation to make the adventure worthwhile is to catch a live horse race at the Hollywood Casino. The best part is that vacationers over 21 don’t have to pay anything to get in. Maybe the usual rates for buying a cup of tea or something.

5 Antique Automobile Club of America

The Antique Automobile Club of America is a great introduction to the interesting world of Hershey’s museums. This particular place is all about cars, vintage cars for that matter. Today’s children were born in a time when electric cars dominate America’s roads. They have no idea of ​​the vintage diesel cars used in colonial and pre-colonial times. A walk through the museum outlines the evolution of the American automotive industry and what the future holds for vintage publishing.

4 PA State Police Museum

After being introduced to the world of museums by vintage cars, now is the time to explore the Police Museum. Although small, this establishment has a rich history and is a testament to the evolution of policing. Recorded information dates back to 1905. Seeing how uniforms have changed over time is part of the experience.

3 Hershey Public Library

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab a book or two. On the contrary, it is a recommended way to stay focused throughout the holidays. The Hershey Public Library is designed to meet everyone’s needs. From toddlers to adults, there’s a designated wing for every age group. Children are taken through photo books while adults enjoy newspapers and magazines.

2 Trek

Hershey is home to some wonderful hiking trails. More pronounced is the Hershey Medical Center Trail which cuts through the ranges to reveal the extremely dynamic side of the city. Cycling and walking are alternatives for those who are not confident enough to hike. Hiking is a great way for adventurers to familiarize themselves with the area while keeping fit.

1 Disc Golf

Disc golf is a great way to sum up the Hershey experience. Unlike classic golf which is considered an elite sport, disc golf does not discriminate. At Shank Park, vacationers are treated to an unparalleled disc golf experience. The 18-hole course at one end of the park allows vacationers to learn the sport one-sided throw at a time. At the other end of the public park is a small playground equipped with slides and swings. While parents enjoy their favorite game of golf, kids will be busy sliding and swinging. Everyone ends up going home happy after a hectic adventure.