10 Best Zoo Management Games, Ranked

Simulation and tycoon video games have grown in popularity since the turn of the millennium, with countless twists and unique concepts being introduced each year. One particular focus that has amassed many popular titles is zoo management. Everyone loves animals, so allowing players to interact with them seems like a great incentive to attract players to a game.

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Zoo games come in all shapes and sizes, from those that focus on the business and economic aspects of running a zoo to those that shed more light on animal welfare and animal interactions. Some of these games have adapted to technological advancements with improved graphics and gameplay mechanics for a more immersive experience. Others, on the other hand, had to make do with the limited resources at their disposal.

10/10 Zoo Empire never managed to emulate the success of Zoo Tycoon

In 2004, The zoo empire sought to emulate the success that the classic Zoo Tycoon had succeeded and was released just before Zoo Tycoon 2. However, unlike the classic Zoo Tycoonits sequel and The zoo empire placed more emphasis on 3D visuals. This helped both games add an extra layer of immersion and realism, but it took away from the simple navigation provided by the classic tycoon game.

The zoo empire boasts a text-rich user interface with in-depth tutorials and mission descriptions. Otherwise for games like Planet Zoo Where Zoo Tycoongamers would be drawn to this game, but it has fallen by the wayside and is often overlooked.

9/10 World Of Zoo focuses on animal interaction

zoo world is an enjoyable life simulation game released in 2009 for Windows, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Given the platforms it was designed for, it’s no surprise that the premise revolves around the player pointing and clicking to interact with the various animals.

zoo world is a fun and lively experience, but it can take a turn if the player clicks too vigorously or doesn’t care about the animals’ needs. Animals will attack if they feel threatened or annoyed, giving this casual game some stakes. zoo world can’t compete with Planet Zoo and Zoo Tycoon for a truly immersive zoo management experience, but it at least makes interacting with the animals fun.

8/10 Wildlife Park 3 is a fun and immersive zoo experience

Released in 2011, animal park 3 feels like a truly immersive zoo experience. Of course, most zoo management games are informative, but the explanations and descriptions in animal park 3 are extremely useful. It even goes to the point where clicking on a plant will detail its needs as if talking to the player.

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animal park 3 has since expanded its roster and selection of animals with seven expansion packs. These even introduced mermaids and dinosaurs into the game. animal park 3 is often overlooked compared to other zoo management games, but it’s good enough for those who want a little fun.

7/10 Animals have joined RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 with nature! Expansion

The roller coaster designer The series has never been the same since the classic game was released in 1999. Since then, many games have tried to grow with the times and better technology, but they’ve never really regained that tycoon feeling. classic.

In 2005 however, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 ventured into the zoo world with its expansion Savage! Combining a theme park and a zoo would have been preferred in the classic roller coaster designer game and format, but it was still an exciting inclusion. He added a fun variation on the same old roller coaster designer tropes, and managed to breathe new life into the franchise.

6/10 Zoo Tycoon 2013 had issues translating the beloved franchise to new platforms

the original Zoo Tycoon The game and its sequel had been huge hits for animal fans and tycoon games in general. So it was inevitable that a remaster or revamp would happen in the future – to translate this successful franchise to newer consoles and graphics.

In 2013, Zoo Tycoon came to Xbox One and Xbox 360. The Xbox One version supported the Kinect and allowed 4-player online multiplayer. The game faced a lot of backlash for overcomplicating the beloved game, but it still holds its own as a zoo management game. An improved remaster called Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection was later released in 2017, bringing its improved graphics and gameplay to Xbox One and Windows.

5/10 Jurassic World Evolution lets players create their own Jurassic Park

The Jurassic world evolution is the perfect version of the standard zoo management and business simulation games. Whether the players are fans of the jurassic park franchise, love dinosaurs or just love the idea of ​​running a different zoo, Jurassic world evolution ticks several boxes.

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The first game did a terrific job of introducing the premise, with players being challenged to create their own theme park with scientifically accurate dinosaurs. Still, the sequel is vastly improved over the original. Although not a traditional zoo experience, the dinosaurs are cared for, monitored and enjoyed by visitors as if they were animals in a typical zoo.

4/10 Zoo Tycoon 2 has made ambitious changes to the original game

Zoo Tycoon 2 made ambitious changes by capitalizing on the success of its predecessor. Released in 2004, the sequel sought to provide players with an even more immersive experience. It moved away from the aloof, more professional tycoon feel of the original, giving players the ability to get a ground-level view of the zoo and its animals.

Like the original Zoo Tycoonthe sequel also released several expansion packs, providing a global stacked animal roster and a full zoo experience for players. Zoo Tycoon 2 felt way ahead of its time in 2004, with many fans still considering it the franchise’s best.

3/10 Let’s Build a Zoo introduces DNA splicing with ridiculous results

let’s build a zoo is one of the newest additions to the zoo management family, released on PC in 2021 and on consoles in September 2022. At first glance, this game is another zoo simulation with cute art style and casual gameplay . Yet in reality, it can get dark and weird.

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Players are faced with many choices in let’s build a zoo. They can run their zoo above all odds or resort to extortion and breaking the law. Where the game differs from other zoo titles, however, is with its DNA splicing. Players can create new species by matching certain animals, with countless hilarious results.

2/10 Planet Zoo is the most authentic and beautiful zoo game

Planet Zoo was a highly anticipated Construction and Management Simulation released in 2019. Fans of the Zoo Tycoon the franchise turned to Planet Zoo like everything the 2013 Zoo Tycoon reboot was not. Planet Zoo duly bolstered with its awesome graphics and realism, allowing for the perfect immersive experience for animal lovers.

Planet Zoo has released numerous DLC packs since; still in 2022. The original Zoo Tycoon may be less complex and easier to navigate, but Planet Zoo allows players to meticulously create every little detail of their zoo as they wish.

1/10 The classic zoo tycoon is a quintessential tycoon experience

The classic Zoo Tycoon was released in 2001 and remains its franchise’s best mogul experience. Players could tackle certain scenarios or launch their own free-form game to build a successful zoo from scratch. It had a certain simplicity and charm that didn’t require fancy graphics, but also didn’t disappoint with its gameplay or animation.

Zoo Tycoon can still be enjoyed as much today as when it was released. His latest DLC packs, Dinosaur digs and marine mania, only pushed the game even further. With all the expansion packs, players could find themselves in the best zoo gaming experience ever.

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