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The Rhaetic Plants from the Nariwa District, Prov. Bitchû (Okayama Prefecture), Japan

At: Journal of the Faculty of Science of the Hokkaido Imperial University, Series, 4, Geology and mineralogy, 1, 3-4 By: Ôishi S.


The role of Hydropteris pinnata gen. et sp. nov. in reconstructing the cladistics of heterosporous ferns

At: American Journal of Botany, 81, 4 By: Rothwell G. W., Stockey R. A.


The role of types in palaeobotanical nomenclature

At: Sborník Národního Muzea v Praze, Řada, Řada B, Přírodni vědy (Přírodovědný), 64, 2-4 By: Kvaček Z.


The Rujada flora of west central Oregon

At: University of California Publications in Geological Sciences, 35, 1 By: Lakhanpal R. N.


The Scio flora of western Oregon

At: Oregon State Monographs, Series, Studies in Geology, 4 By: Sanborn E. I.


The second addition to the Ôarai flora of Upper Cretaceous Ôarai Formation in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan (The fossil plants of Ibaraki, No. 3)

At: Bulletin of the Faculty of Liberal Arts Ibaraki University, Series, Natural science, 8 By: Ôyama T.


The Sonoma Flora

At: Publications of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 553 By: Axelrod D. I.


The species concept in Clavatoraceae (fossil Charophyta) reviewed

At: Taxon, 44, 3 By: Feist M., Wang Z.


The sphenopterides stated in the Permo-Carboniferous of Central Bohemia (a preliminary report 1, 2)

At: Věstník Královské České Společnosti Nauk, Class, Třida matematicko-přírodovědecké, 1937, [19] By: Němejc F.


The spores and pollen of the Potomac Group of Maryland

At: Bulletin / Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources, Board of Natural Resources, State of Maryland, 27 By: Brenner G. J.

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