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Turonian plants from the southern Negev, Israel

At: Cretaceous Research, 18, 1 By: Dobruskina I. A.


Turpanopitys taoshuyuanense gen. et sp. nov., a novel woody branch discovered in Early Triassic deposits of the Turpan Basin, Northwest China, and its palaeoecological and palaeoclimate implications

At: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2017, 468, 10.1016/j.palaeo.2016.12.026 By: Shi X., Yu J.-X., Broutin J., Pons D., Rossignol M., Bourquin S., Crasquin S., Li Q.


Tursuidea paniculata nov. gen et spec. (Trimerophytales) aus dem Unterdevon der Eifel

At: Bonner Paläobotanische Mitteilungen, 12 By: Schweitzer H.-J.


Two aquatic fungi (Chytridiales) of Eocene age from the Green River Formation of Wyoming

At: American Journal of Botany, 54, 5 By: Bradley W. H.


Two early Eocene vines from south-east England

At: Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 133, 1 By: Poole I., Wilkinson H. P.


Two early eudicot fossil flowers from the Kamikitaba assemblage (Coniacian, Late Cretaceous) in northeastern Japan

At: Journal of Plant Research By: Takahashi M., Herendeen P. S., Xiao X.-H.


Two Early Mississippian seeds from the Price Formation of Southwestern Virginia

At: Brittonia, 29, 3 By: Gensel P. G., Skog J. E.


Two Ferns and a Palm from the Tertiary of the Takashima Coal Mines in the Province of Hizen

At: Journal of the Geological Society of Tokyo, 25, 297 By: Kryshtofovich A. N.


Two look-alike dasycladalean algae: Clypeina isabellae Masse, Bucur, Virgone & Delmasso, 1999 from the Berriasian of Sardinia (Italy) and Clypeina loferensis sp. N. from the Upper Jurassic of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)

At: Geološki anali Balkanskoga poluostrva, 70 By: Schlagintweit F., Dieni I., Radoičić R.


Two new calcareous Algae of the family Dasycladaceae from the Carboniferous limestone

At: Proceedings of the Liverpool Geological Society, 18, 1 By: Wood A.

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