Acta Palaeobotanica

Acta Palaeobotanica
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Acta palaeobotanica : International journal of palaeobotany and palynology
Acta Palaeobot.
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A catalogue of the types of fossil species and intraspecific taxa kept in the Museum of the Department of palaeobotany, Institute of botany, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków [1985/12]
A Late Miocene (Pannonian) flora from Hinterschlagen, Hausruck lignite area, Upper Austria [2002/2]
A reinterpretation of Mirovia Reymanówna (Coniferales) based on the reconsideration of the type species Mirovia szaferi Reymanówna from the Polish Jurassic [2007/12]
Boreocarya and Globocarya, new names in the extinct Juglandaceae of Northern Eurasia [2016/12]
Cretaceous floral structures from Negev, Israel as evidence of angiosperm radiation in the Gondwana realm [2004/6]
Die paläogenen Fagaceae in Europa: Artenvielfalt und Leitlinien ihrer Entwicklungsgeschichte [1998]
Early Cretaceous flora of Hungary and its palaeoecological significance [2002/9]
Early Oligocene plant diversity along the Upper Rhine Graben: the fossil flora of Rauenberg, Germany [2016/12]
Eostangeria ruzinciniana (Zamiaceae) from the Middle Miocene of Bulgaria and its relationship to similar taxa of fossil Eostangeria, and extant Chigua and Stangeria (Cycadales) [2002/2]
Fossil Trapa L. of China. 1. A new locality from the Miocene of the Liang He Coal Mine, West Yunnan [1999]
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