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Contributions to the micro-palæontology of the Cambro-Silurian rocks of Canada

At: Ottawa, Maclean, Roger & Co.

Cours de botanique fossile

At: Paris, G. Masson, éditeur By: Renault

Cryptogamic Botany

At: New York–London, McGraw-Hill Book Company By: G.M. Smith

Dasledavanni antrapagenu Belarusi

At: Minsk, Navuka i tekhnika By: Kuzniatsow

De Balano et Calamosyringe

At: Dresdae [Dresden] et Lipsiae [Leipzig], prostat in libraria Arnoldia By: Petzh.

De Casuarinis nunc viventibus et fossilibus nonnulla

At: Vratislaviae [Wroclaw], typis C.H. Storchii et Socii

De Filicum ectypis obviis In lithanthracum vettinensium lobeiunensiumque fodinis

At: Halae [Halle], Ploetz [formis expressus Ploetzianis] By: W. Rost

De floribus in statu fossili commentatio

At: Breslau By: Goepp.

De formatione tertiaria Halae proxima

At: Halis [Halle], Typis Ploetzianis By: Andrae

De fructibus et seminibus ex formatione lithanthracum

At: Breslau [Vratislaviae], Heinrich Richter By: Berger

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