Manchester S. R.

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19 Million-Year-Old Spondioid fruits from Panama reveal a dynamic dispersal history for Anacardiaceae [2019/5]
A preliminary survey of fossil leaves and well-preserved reproductive structures from the Sentinel Butte Formation (Paleocene) near Almont, North Dakota [1990/12]
An extinct genus with affinities to extant Davidia and Camptotheca (Cornales) from the Paleocene of North America and Eastern Asia [1999/1]
An extinct juglandaceous fruit from the Upper Palaeocene of southern England [1982/11]
Anatomically preserved seeds of Nuphar (Nymphaeaceae) from the Early Eocene of Wutu, Shandong Province, China [2004/8]
Ctenis clarnoensis sp. n., an unusual cycadalean foliage from the Eocene Clarno Formation, Oregon [2014/11]
Cupressaceae fossil remains from the Paleocene of Carneyville, Wyoming [2018/1]
Ditaxocladus (extinct Cupressaceae, Cupressoideae) from the Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene of the Northern Hemisphere [2012/6]
Dryophyllum Debey ex Saporta, juglandaceous not fagaceous [1988/9]
Fossil Cashew Nuts from the Eocene of Europe: Biogeographic Links between Africa and South America [2007/10]
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